Max & Denise

Acoustic with an Edge.
Popular Music 
Extensive Repertoire / Private Parties 
Contact: Denise 610-932-0247 
Email: dleashes@zoominternet.net


Max and Denise formally came together in the early 80's. It was then when Denise joined Max's acoustic country group called "Canyon", a four piece band complete with banjo, guitar, bass and 4 part harmony. They performed in favorite clubs throughout the Tri-State area. 

After losing the banjo player and bass player Max and Denise decided it was time to move on. The "Inn At Perkiomen Creek" was their next venue. After performing for their grand opening Max & Denise soon became the house favorite appearing weekly and always on New Year's Eve.

Through the years Max and Denise have developed a unique acoustic sound that really rocks offering an extensive repertoire composed of popular music from the 60s to current day with beautifully blended two part harmonies.



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